Yarn ideas for the patterns in Observations!

Yarn ideas for the patterns in Observations!

Here's a little list of the patterns from my book Observations: Knits and Essays from the forest, and some yarn ideas to go with them. 

The Dawn top

There are two samples of the Dawn Top, one knitted in Mermaid and one in Light Fe. These are the same bases as in my Sägen hand dyed yarns - the only difference is that the samples in the book are plant dyed. The Dawn Top is short sleeved with a circular yoke and knitted at a gauge of 26 sts/10 cm, so this is perfect for any finer, softer yarns. It would be gorgeous to knit the yoke in Spincycle Dyed in the Wool and pair it with either Mermaid or perhaps Cumbria fingering, for a top with a bit more warmth. For a finer version, you could also use the 100 % Corriedale base Sägen Ratatosk!

The Badger Sweater

This one is knit in two favourites here - The Fibre Co. Cumbria held together with Biches et Bûches Le Petit silk&mohair! You could substitute Cumbria for either Corrie Worsted and I bet it would be lovely, and a tad heavier, with Lore too. Of course Sägen Basilisk is a great option for Le petit silk&mohair!

The Bat Shawl

This triangular shawl could of course be knitted in any yarn weight, keeping in mind that altering yarn weight will change the size of the shawl and the yardage. The original sample is made in a light fingering weight NZ lambswool from the Danish plant dyers G-Uld, but I'm making a second sample on Retrosaria Mondim and it's looking so good! It would also be lovely in Wooldreamers Saona or Sägen Ratatosk, which better matches the original yarn.

The Dragonfly Sweater

This sweater is super cosy and comfortable with a wide colourwork band across the body. It doesn't have any steeks and only uses 3 colours on very few of the rounds. The original sample is knitted in Pishkun from The Farmer's Daughter Fibers and with a gauge of 18 sts/10 cm, it would be perfect in Wooldreamers Mota, or possible Lore,  The Fibre Co. Cumbria or Corrie Worsted

The Dusk Cardigan

 This is another one that comes in two samples - one knitted in The Fibre Co. Cumbria and one in BFL/Masham from Fru Valborg. Since Petra of Fru Valborg closed down earlier this year, I've been dyeing up this very same base and it will be available shortly! 

The Lake Socks

Knitted in  Cumbria fingering and well, this is definitely the yarn I'd recommend! It has a lovely stitch definition and is a tad heavier than standard sock yarns, meaning these socks are warm but still easy to wear in boots, and hold up well to wear. Some of my test knitters used more

The Mushroom Raglan and Mushroom Hat

This set is knitted in Lore from The Fibre Co. and it's a real love story between yarn and pattern. If you'd like to go for something else, The Fibre Co. Cumbria is a great choice and will give a sweater with more drape and less outdoorsy feel. I bet it would look really lovely in Wooldreamers Mota too! 

The Woodpecker Vest

This one shines in the original yarn, the beautiful hand dyed Corrie Worsted from La Bien Aimée. The light shifts in the colours goes so well with the textured pattern and cables, but if you're looking to substitute it, The Fibre Co. Cumbria or Lore are also great choices! I'd also love to see one of these knit up in Cumbria fingering held together with Sägen Basilisk, if someone's up for that... 

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