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Wooden buttons

Wooden buttons

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These wooden buttons are completely hand made by Maud Enerman, Retrash by Maud, who lives just a stone's throw away from Elk market yarn HQ. She collects sticks and branches local trees and turns them into these little pieces or natural art by sawing, filing, sanding, plant dyeing and polishing them. Each button is finished with several layers of protective beeswax.

The small buttons measure around 17 mm across and are sold in sets of 7 matching buttons. The larger ones vary in size between 2.5-5 cm.

As these buttons are hand made from natural materials, they need a little extra attention:
- When washing your garment, make sure the buttons can dry slowly by laying the garment with the buttons facing down into a towel. If the buttons dry out too fast they may crack.
- You can apply an extra layer of oil or beeswax to give them a little extra protection.
- Natural materials age and the colour may shift over time. 

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