Bestiarium crafts is the creative home of Lotta H Löthgren, a self-taught metalsmith working from her home studio in the forest of southern Sweden. You find all available Bestiarium crafts pieces right here. To follow the process and get notified about shop updates, please follow Bestiarium crafts on Instagram.

With a focus on exploring stories through metal and rock, Lotta uses precious metals and other materials to create wearable pieces of art. She uses reclaimed or recycled metal as far as possible and often returns to Argentium silver, a 100 % recycled silver alloy with more fine silver and less copper than Sterling.


All pieces from Bestiarium crafts are hand made and should be worn with care. Remove your jewellery before going to bed, showering or bathing, or using oils or skin cream. All pieces can be cleaned in lukewarm water and a mild hand soap. Silver and gold can be cleaned with polishing cloths or dips recommended for Sterling silver and 18K gold. 

All metals will start to look different over time, and how fast an item oxidises depends on several factors like humidity and climate, or your skin's pH level. It's a natural process and even though almost every item can be made to look shiny and new again, seeing a piece age might be a beautiful thing in itself.

Stones must not be dipped in cleaning solutions - use a polishing cloth and carefully avoid the stone when cleaning. Don't subject clay details to heat or any chemicals, and be careful not to scrub them too harshly, Do not drop stones or clay objects as they might crack.

Pieces that have been oxidised in the studio can be sent here for reoxidisation. We may be able to repair broken chains and other items, but cannot repair jewellery from other makers. Please send an email to for repair enquiries and quote.