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Wooldreamers Manchelopi

Wooldreamers Manchelopi

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Manchelopi is an unspun yarn that is made 100% with Spanish Manchega wool. It's made by the Spanish company Wooldreamers, who are passionate about making high quality yarns of traditional Spanish wool. The wool used in Manchelopi comes from Manchega sheep flocks who graze the lands around Castilla-La Mancha, where the mill is located - it's a fully traceable and very locally produced yarn. 

Each of these plates have double slivers, meaning that two strands of unspun yarn are wound on the same cake. You can knit it with these two strands held together to get a DK weight yarn with 230 m/100 g, or you can separate them and use them separately to get a fingering weight yarn with 460 m/100 g. Because the yarn is unspun and untwisted, a single strand will break easier than regular, spun yarn - but it's also easy to put it back together by twisting the two ends between your palms. Using two strands makes the yarn more durable and it won't break as easily. Another option is to use one or two strands together with a silk mohair, for really soft and airy garments and accessories!  

Each plate weighs around 100 g and if you wish to use one single strand you have to wind it before knitting. The natural colours may have some variations sine they're achieved by blending white, brown and black wool in different proportions. 

Yarn weight: Fingering (one strand) / DK (two strands)

Plate weight: Approx. 100 g

Fibre: 100 % Spanish Manchega wool

Length: 460 m (one strand) / 230 m (two strands)

Gauge: 22-26 sts per 10 cm / 4" for one strand, 18-21 sts for two strands. 

Needle size: 3-4 mm for one strand, 4.5-5 mm for two strands

Care: Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.



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