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Sägen Borametz

Sägen Borametz

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Borametz, or The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, is a very interesting imaginary creature from many different cultures around the world. The Borametz was thought to be both a plant an an animal - where the plant grew on the ground and sprouted lambs as fruit. The lamb was connected to the plant through a flexible stem attached much like an umbilical cord, and fed on the grass around the plant. The lamb had wool that could be prepared into exquisite clothing, and I felt that this name was perfectly suited for a yarn that is soft and bouncy and wooly, although it comes from very normal, British sheep. 

The yarn base Borametz has a warm grey shade undyed, and the colours become beautifully muted and heathered on it. It's spun from 75% BFL and 25% brown Masham, which gives it the beautiful natural colour. It's a round yarn with lots of bounce and works perfect for both colourwork and textured projects like cables. 

All yarns from Sägen are hand dyed by Lotta H Löthgren, using high quality acid dyes. The colourways are named after creatures, entities, details or ideas from folklore and old stories, and Sägen is the Swedish word for a certain kind of folk story. My aim is to create a palette of colours that are just as beautiful on their own as they are to combine, and that knitters and makers can return to over the years. 

Yarn weight: DK

Hank weight: 100 g


75% BFL and 25% brown Masham

Length: 240 m / 262 yds per 100 g hank

Gauge: 20-24 sts per 10 cm / 4 in

Needle size: 3.5-4.5 mm

Care: Gently hand wash in cool water. Darker colours may bleed. As with all hand-dyed yarns, it is recommended to alternate skeins for a more blended look.



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