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Pajauta Makes Project Bags

Pajauta Makes Project Bags

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Size and motif

These beautiful project bags are hand embroidered by Milda of @pajauta_makes, maker and designer from Vilnius, Lithuania. The embroidered designs are intricate and beautiful, with inspiration from traditional Baltic motifs. Each bag has a drawstring closure and is fully lined with natural fabric. The small bags have two interior pockets for storing your crafting tools and accessories. The large bag has three pockets, and a metal ring for keeping your keys safe.  

The smaller size bags are perfect for projects like socks, smaller scarves or those fresh cast-ons. 2 full 100 g skeins and your project will fit in these.

The larger bags are suitable for larger projects like sweaters and shawls. They hold up to 6 full 100 g skeins.

Material: 50% linen / 50% cotton
Size, large bags: H 37 cm, W 35 cm, D 12 cm
Size, small bags: H 26 cm, W 25 cm, D 12 cm



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