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Moss agate necklace 1

Moss agate necklace 1

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This Moss agate necklace holds a wearable piece of the Earth itself, carefully cut by my local lapidarian friends and set in a silver casing. The Moss agate is a gorgeous stone with a landscape like pattern on a translucent background. The pendant has a cutout back to let the light shine through the stone and reveal the gorgeous pattern.

This rock is set with a serrated edge and comes on an adjustable chain made from recycled silver, with a hand made clasp stamped with my maker's mark LHL and a 925 silver stamp. It's oxidised and polished to a matte, grey look. The stone measures approximately 1 cm across.

Care: Remove before washing, swimming or showering. Don't use with oils or hand creams. These stones are raised above their setting so be careful to not hit them on hard surfaces as this may cause the stone to crack. Clean the necklace with warm water and a mild soap (you can use a soft toothbrush!) and leave to dry. Using silver polish will remove the oxidised finish.



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