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Making stories magazine

Making stories magazine

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Den här tidskriften är på engelska.

Making Stories is an independent knitwear design publisher founded by Verena Cohrs and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp and based in Berlin. They promote independent knitwear designers from around the world with a strong focus on justice and environmental issues.

In issue 1 you’ll find thoughtful accessories and versatile garments that are all designed with change in mind - change in seasons, in the way we work and live, in our choice of materials. It features fantastic work of writers and visual artists with pieces that range from disability and knitting to body image, from queering the knitting status quo to what change means for our lives. Find all the designs on Ravelry.

In Issue 2, you’ll find cosy accessories and comfortable garments that are inspired by loving and caring for ourselves, our community and our planet. With extraordinary stories and visual art pieces it circles important themes, from discovering the love for your body to finding the common threads in your communities and having necessary conversations on inclusion and racism. Find all the designs on Ravelry here:

Issue 1: Ravelry pattern previews

Issue 2: Ravelry pattern previews

Issue 3: Ravelry pattern previews



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