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Lakeside Stitches: Gentle Knits from the North

Lakeside Stitches: Gentle Knits from the North

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Lakeside Stitches, Gentle Knits from the North – Ronja Hakalehto

Patterns, texts and photography: Ronja Hakalehto
Editing: Tuija Sulisalo, Emma Kylmälä
Layout Design: Viola Minerva Virtamo

Language: English

Lakeside Stitches – Knits from the North invites readers to savour the beauty of everyday surrounded by a serene Nordic landscape.

These 20 timeless knits are sure to keep both younger and older wearers warm and cosy  throughout the seasons. With clear and inspiring instructions catering for beginners and seasoned knitters alike, the book becomes a cherished lifelong companion. Enchanting imagery guides readers to the shoreline and through lush forests, weaving a captivating ambience.

Ronja Hakalehto, a knitwear designer from northern Finland, creates patterns for both domestic and international knitting publications. She is renowned for her distinctive style blending earthy tones and organic forms. Her designs seamlessly combine contemporary elements with a nostalgic touch.



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