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I'd Rather be Knitting Tote bag

I'd Rather be Knitting Tote bag

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This screen-printed tote bag (or project bag!) is made from 100% recycled cotton in a nice, slightly heavier quality. It has the best of two world - short handles and a drawstring to keep the contents secure. Hold it in your hand, wear it on your back or across the shoulder! 

The fabric has a slightly uneven, organic texture due to the fact that recycled materials have been used. It's rather sturdy at 210 g/cm2 and the top can be folded down so that the bag stays open when you're knitting and have your yarn in it. 

Available in two colours, Black and Maroon. Both colours are created by combining a dyed weft thread and a natural ecru warp thread, which gives them a lovely heathered look of dark grey and pink.

38 x 42 cm
14 cm handles
Max load 5 kg

Care instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Lay flat to dry. 



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