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Fossil Socks Kit

Fossil Socks Kit

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This kit contains all the yarn you need to make your very own pair of Fossil Socks in Snowdonia Sock! The pattern is sold separately and can be purchased on Ravelry, here: 


Each kit contains 2 skeins of MC and 1 skein of CC, which is enough to make these socks in size 1-3. The last size, or if you need to make you socks extra long for large feet, requires one additional skein of MC.

Kit 1 (red) is Burnet as MC and Buckthorn as CC
Kit 2 (rust/green) is Ember as MC and Gower as CC
Kit 3 (purple/green) is Plum as MC and Khaki as CC
Kit 4 (blue) is Bugle as MC and Ogwen as CC



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