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Small owl necklace

Small owl necklace

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This necklace carries the head of an owl, set in a serrated silver bezel. The owl is hand made from clay, and hand painted by a Ukrainian artist. Each owl comes with an adjustable silver chain fastened with a hand made clasp.

Chain length: Approx. 45 or 50 cm depending on where you fasten it

Owl size: The owls measure approximately 15 mm across

Each necklace is hand made by me in my little studio, using Sterling silver and Argentium silver, and slightly oxidised for a darker, matte look. 

Care: These owls are made from clay and not as durable as stone. Remove before washing, swimming or showering. Don't use with oils or hand creams. Be careful to not drop the owl or hit it on hard surfaces. The back of the setting and the chain can be washed with warm water and a mild soap (a soft toothbrush is great!), but keep the owl away from detergents or chemicals.



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