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Chiaogoo Twist Red Lace Small Set, 13 cm

Chiaogoo Twist Red Lace Small Set, 13 cm

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The Twist Red Lace Small set contains 7 pairs of needles, 3 cables and a bunch of nice accessories. Both the needles and cables are from Chiaogoo's high quality materials and they're definitely our favourites around here! These are the sizes included in each kit:

7 pairs of interchangable needletips:

2.75 mm (US 2)
3.25 mm (US 3)
3.5 mm (US 4)
3.75 mm (US 5)
4.0 mm (US 6)
4.5 mm (US 7)
5.0 mm (US 8)

The set also includes 3 cables:
35 cm (14 in)
55 cm (22 in)
75 cm (30 in)

The needletips are made of steel. When connected properly, the transition between cable and needle is imperceptible to the touch.

The set can be combined and extended with other normal and short length needletips as well as cables.

In each kit:
7 pairs of 13 cm (5") long needletips
2 cable keys
2 end caps
1 cable connector
12 stitch markers (6 small and 6 larger)
1 needle gauge
1 needle storage bag with enough space for additional needletips and cables



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