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Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi

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This last copy has some beauty marks and is sold at a reduced price.

Wabi-sabi, The Beauty of Artisanally Made Yarns, is a storytelling and knitting pattern book for responsible knitters with beautiful photos. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy rooted in tea ceremonies. It is a ritual of purity and simplicity, handmade and irregularly shaped objects with uneven glaze, cracks, and a perverse beauty in deliberate imperfection. 

The Nomadnoos Wabi Sabi book, implements this philosophy the imperfections of nature to textiles, yarn and knitting. Besides creating unique knitting patterns, we want to create awareness and bring a bit of change to the textile industry. You will find 7 beautiful patterns and their variations designed by Eri Shimizu. Meri from Amirisu , Ayano Tanaka and Naoko Ogawa.

Each Chapter in the Wabi Sabi book has a story and knitting patterns based on one of the seven principles of Wabi-Sabi :

  • Kanso: simplicity - Kanso Cardigan by Ayano Tanaka
  • Fukinsei: asymmetry or irregularity - Fukinsei Shawl by Naoko Ogawa
  • Shibumi: Beauty in the understated - Shibumi Shawl by Eri Shimizu 
  • Shizen: naturalness without pretension - Shizen Pullover by Eri Shimizu
  • Yugen: Subtle grace - Yugen Cowl by Meri Tanaka
  • Datsuzoku: freeness - Datsuzuko Pullover by Eri Shimizu
  • Seijaku: tranquillity - Seijaku Gloves and Mittens by Ayano Tanaka

Different authors have written about the Wabi-sabi principles: Takuya, Eri’s husband, will teach us more about the Japanese tea ceremony and Kintsugi, the art of repairing. Meri from Amirisu, writes about the nature surrounding us and Tone Tobiasson, a Norwegian journalist, talks about working on sustainable fibres.



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