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Taproot magazine

Taproot magazine

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Taproot Magazine is an ad-free, independent print publication celebrating food, farm, family, and craft. Their mission is to build and support the vibrant community of people participating in both the practical and fine arts, to craft handmade lives, by producing quality, unique, beautiful, positive, and heartfelt print media. Taproot comes out once every two months, and you’ll find the issue overviews here:

Issue 42, CALM: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-42-calm

Issue 41, EXTEND: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-41-extend

Issue 40, CURE: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-40-cure

Issue 39, TIDES: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-39-tides

Issue 38, FORAGE: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-38-forage

Issue 37, SPARK: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-37-spark



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