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Korpsång shawl kit

Korpsång shawl kit

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Add 52 Weeks of Shawls

This kit contains enough 4ply Hebridean from The Birlinn yarn company to make your very own Korpsång shawl! Korpsång is a skewed triangular shawl with an eyelet bird silhouette pattern and a wide, growing garter stitch edge. It was originally published in the wonderful book 52 weeks of shawls and is now available both in the book and as an individual pattern. It has a unique embroidered spine stitch in darkest brown along one side and one tassel in each corner. The shawl is suitable for the adventurous beginner knitter and up, and includes both charted and written instructions. 

Included in the kit is 7 balls of 4ply Hebridean from The Birlinn yarn company - 6 balls of Bog cotton and 1 ball of Peaty brown, with a discount compared to buying the yarn separately.

There is an option to buy the book with a 10% discount together with the kit.

Pattern purchased separately and can be found on Ravelry.



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