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Joji&Co EPA pouch

Joji&Co EPA pouch

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Joji & Co have created the gorgeous EPA pouch to hold all your little items you don't want floating around in your larger bag! Perfect for stitch markers, measuring tapes, scissors and the like. It features a leather tag and zipper pull and is fully lined in a sturdy canvas material. The 'O' ring tab on the exterior of the pouch can be used as a keychain.

Approx. Measurements:
Height 12cm / 4 3/4"
Width 18.5 cm / 7 1/2"
Base 6cm / 2 1/2"

Exterior: Argentine suede

Zipper pull, ring tab and tag: Argentine vachetta leather.

Inside: Lined using a sturdy natural colored cotton-polyester panama fabric.



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