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Joji&Co Envelope bag

Joji&Co Envelope bag

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The Envelope Bag is a simple, really minimalistic project bag, hand-made using Joji&Co's gorgeous Argentine leather. It doesn't have a top closure. Instead, it folds down and it is kept closed with a leather strap and a clasp, making it lightweight and easy to open.

It can comfortably hold any 3-4 skein project and comes with 2 D-rings on the side seams, where the adjustable crossbody strap attaches. 


33 cm /13 1/4" Tall unfolded

26 cm / 10 1/4" Tall folded

19 cm / 7 1/2" Wide at base

32 cm / 12 3/4" Wide at top

13 cm / 5 1/4" Deep base



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