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Hidden place

Hidden place

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••Hidden place••

A reminder, a place, a focal point.

Hidden place is made from pure shiny or lightly oxidised 100 % recycled Argentium silver, and hidden on the inside of the band is an 18 k gold nugget. Not only does this mean that the ring will fit a wider range of finger sizes (even those where the knuckle is much bigger than the base of the finger), it also keeps the ring from spinning and works as a physical cue - the light pressure from the golden nugget can work as a reminder to return to the present, to the breath, to where you want to direct your energy. The ring can be worn either with the nugget facing the top of your finger or the inside of your palm.

Please choose your finish by adding a comment to your order. You can choose to have it bright and shiny with the silver untreated, or oxidised where the silver is turned into a darker gunpowder grey. If you don't leave a comment, your ring will be delivered bright silvery.



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