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Eudialyte mixed-metal pendant

Eudialyte mixed-metal pendant

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This statement like pendant is centered around a free-form Eudialyte, cut by my local lapidarian friends. Eudialyte is a beautiful purple stone and this specific one was picked in the north of my home county of Småland, by Sweden's second largest lake Vättern. To me, the shape resembled a heart so I enhanced this by setting it on a brass plate and adding four organic round shapes as adornments, three recycled silver ones and one brass. The whole pendant is then lightly oxidised for a rugged, darker look that brings out the gorgeous dark patterns in the stone.

The stone measures around 3x3.5 cm and the full size of the pendant is 4x3 cm. Please note that this pendant is sold without a chain, since it will go very well with a Stitch chain. If you need to add a chain, you'll find them here: https://elkmarketyarn.com/products/stitch?_pos=1&_psq=stit&_ss=e&_v=1.0



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