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Dendritic agate + raven necklace

Dendritic agate + raven necklace

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This Dendritic agate necklace holds a wearable piece of the Earth itself, carefully cut by my local lapidarian friends and set in a silver casing. Next to it hangs a small raven skull, cast by a British metal artist. The Dendritic agate is a gorgeous stone with a black, brown and grey pattern across a white background - like a landscape seen from the raven's perspective, from high above.

This set comes on a 60 cm long chain made from recycled silver, with a hand made clasp stamped with my maker's mark LHL and a 925 silver stamp. It's oxidised and polished to a matte, grey look. The stone measures approximately 3 cm across, and the raven is around2 cm long.



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