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Agate and Owl necklace 2

Agate and Owl necklace 2

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This necklace features a round agate in a soft, pastel colour palette cut by my local lapidarian friends, and a barn owl head, hand made from clay and hand painted by a Ukrainian artist. The agate is lightly translucent so I gave the setting a cutout back to let the light through, showing off the depth in the stone. 

The pendants can be separated, so it's up to you if you wear them together on one chain, or on two different chains in different lengths. Like two necklaces in one!

Each piece is unique and even if the general design can be remade, the rock is one of a kind and there are no two necklaces that look exactly the same. The 60 cm long chain has a hand made clasp stamped with my my maker's mark LHL and a 925 silver stamp. 



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