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Bestiarium yarn: Mermaid

Bestiarium yarn: Mermaid

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The yarns in the Bestiarium series are all plant dyed by hand, by me in my little garage dye studio. I use an array of organic materials such as plants, roots, flowers, insects, husks - some foraged near my home in the forest, some imported from faraway (warmer!) places.

Mermaid is a gorgeously soft 4ply yarn with 400 m/100 g. With a blend of merino wool and mulberry silk, it’s absolutely itch-free and lends itself very well to garments and accessories worn next to the skin. This is a perfect yarn for all those beautiful colourwork yokes, or big, lovely shawls to snuggle up in as the temperatures drop. Mermaid has a beautiful lustre and shows off every colour in the best way. Expect lots of variegations within and between skeins. 

Each skein has been dyed by hand using organic materials, some foraged close to the dye studio in the Swedish forest, and some from far away places. The skeins in the same colour have all been dyed together, but as with all hand dyed yarns, it is recommended to alternate skeins to avoid a visible line when changing skeins. As the process of plant dyeing is complex, it won’t be possible to order more skeins of the exact same shade, so make sure you get enough for the project in mind. All shades are more or less variegated, creating a lively and organic fabric when knit up. Some may have spots of contrasting colours or leftover bits of the dye materials.

Even though all skeins have been thoroughly rinsed, some colours may bleed. Colours dyed with indigo may make your hands blue (“crocking”) when working with them. It washes off with soap and does not affect the colour of the yarn. Hand wash your finished item in cold water only, with a mild, pH neutral detergent suitable for delicate fibers.

Yarn weight: Fingering

Hank weight: 100 g

Fibre: 50 % merino, 50 % mulberry silk

Length: 400 m per 100 g hank

Gauge: 22-26 sts per 10 cm / 4 in

Needle size: 2.5-3.5 mm

Care: Gently hand wash in cool water



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