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Aurora Cabin Shawl Kit

Aurora Cabin Shawl Kit

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This is a five skein kit to make your very own Aurora Cabin Shawl designed by Stephen West of Westknits!  The kit contains five skeins of Sägen Irrbloss, a smooth and soft base with a beautiful lustre. Made from 100 % British Wensleydale wool and spun by a British mill, Irrbloss has been hand dyed by me in my studio and is a perfect companion to this pattern. Each skein holds 350 m/100 g.

The pattern is sold separately and can be found on Ravelry here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/aurora-cabin-shawl

The colours in this kit are:

A: Selkie
B: Svartgölen
C: Natural
D: Chicken Legs
E: Martallen

Please note that colour C requires 366 m according to the pattern and since each skein is 350 m you might need to use one of the other colours for the bind-off. There's enough yardage of all other colours! 



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