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All shall be well earrings

All shall be well earrings

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The All shall be well earrings are simple, everyday pieces, each one with a unique silver shape shaped by pouring melted silver into fresh water. Water casting is a serendipitous process and the result is uncontrollable. It becomes what it will and a shape can never be repeated. These were originally discards, not useable for other designs, and in that they become physical manifestations of just this; all shall be well. Maybe not as we planned or wished. Maybe not today. Maybe not in the shape we wanted. But beyond that, all manner of things shall be well.

Each little shape hangs from a hand made Sterling silver hook and measures around 6-10 mm. Sold as singles, not in pairs, for that perfect mismatch.

Shown in order 1-13 as numbered. Please choose your piece in the drop-down menu.



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