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Stitch is a versatile chain available in two generous lengths of 80 and 95 cm respectively. One third up the length is a smooth silver sphere, and the chain has one lobster clasp in each end. The clasps can be fastened either in each other, in the sphere or in one of the links of a pendant. It can be worn in numerous ways and the length can be adjusted between 40/48 cm (with both clasps fastened to the sphere), 55/62 cm (with the smaller clasp fastened to the sphere), 65/78 cm (with the large clasp fastened to the sphere), up to their full length of 80/95 cm, making sure it's always the right length for any outfit or mood.

Adding a pendant at the center gives even more length and wearing options, and this chain will also hold its own even without a pendant.

Stitch is made from Sterling silver and Argentium silver. The off-center sphere and the little rings connecting the lobster clasps are hand made, fused and hammered.

Pendants sold separately.



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